About Happiness Animation Team

If you are looking for a professional hotel staff, we will find it for you. We can offer you high experienced animation staff at very reasonable rates and even trained animation beginners to work with you at excellent conditions for any time of the season (starting 3-months up to one year period) and we offer also club animation and soft animation teams. We improve the real guest satisfaction & the spirit of the daily sport program & the evening live entertainment shows with our multi nationalities professional teams

If you are interested to start a co-operation with us, just let us know via email and we will get in touch with you in order to discuss all the details.


We have been providing professional staff in all domains of tourism, but especially in entertainment since the year 2007, to many popular holiday resorts throughout Egypt.

If you want to become an animator or work in a tourism industry, we can find a job for you. You will work mostly in luxurious hotels and Resorts, in beautiful resorts by the sea or in the mountains. You can spend your days off on the beach or by making trips. You will gain new contacts all around the world and improve your language skills.